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A free, non-profit, educational site for enthusiast and professional mathematicians, physicists and computer scientists.

Welcome to BookofProofs (BoP)!

BoP is an open web project run by people enthusiastic with mathematical thinking and proving. Our mission is to create (to the extent possible) a comprehensive map of mathematics and provide it for free and for educational purposes to the public. We have a no advertising policy on our site!

BoP differs from multiple wikis in the web in the sense that we consequently apply the axiomatic method. This means that we add new theorems only if they can be derived from more simple ones already contained in the project.

As a consequence, BoP helps you to understand complex mathematical concepts better by breaking down all theorems into more simple ones, and finally into axioms, i.e. truths, which people intuitively consider valid without any proof. In addition, BoP comes along with meaningful examples, illustrations, interactive demos and easy-to-use navigation.

Everybody can contribute to this project!

The growing library of BoP currently consists of 4062 entries, contributed since 1 May 2014 (going life of the project) by 4 author(s). Last updates were provided 1 day ago.

We are gladly inviting you to contribute to our project, e.g. by adding new definitions, theorems, mathematical proofs, providing examples, historical notes, explanations or just comments. Your contributions will be gratefully acknowledged together with those of other contributors. Take two minutes time to sign up for free and become a (co-)author, or contribute as a guest.

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1 February 2016

BoP goes mobile!

We have improved the user friendliness and availability of our site on mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets.

24 May 2015

BoP goes interactive!

Bring mathematics to life and enjoy our documents containing interactive demonstrations on devices running iOS, Android, firefoxOS, Windows 8 (at least). If you are a BoP author (or want to become one), its now very easy to embed your or other people's own mathles into your articles, based on JSXGraph (project of the University of Bayreuth, Germany).

1 December 2014

Contribute to BoP as a Guest

You do not need to register in order to edit the contents of BookOfProofs. Contributing to BoP's Initiative is now easier than ever before! Check it out!

17 August 2014

A step-by-step introduction for adding your content provided

Adding or editing content of BookOfProofs is very easy, but slightly different from blogs or other wikis you might find on the Internet. Learn in a short step-by-step introduction how.

4 June 2014

BookOfProofs introduces an experimental visualization of the axiomatic method.

Proofs are the strength of mathematics and the axiomatic method is what makes them so powerful - based on simple axioms and using logical reasoning one proves theorems, and based on these theorems one proves even more theorems, and so forth - like a snow ball. BookOfProofs introduces a visualization of this principle by attaching clickable graphics to each axiom, definition and theorem (learn more in "The Axiomatic Approach on BookofProofs"). These structures are dynamic. This means that adding a hyperlink to a proof of a theorem A, which refers to a theorem B, will be visualized by showing that the theorem B logically proceeds the theorem A. This logical chain can be followed backward to simple axioms and definitions or forward to more and more deep theoretical results.

1 May 2014

Going life.

The site's mission statement is to be an open community project to create a cartography of existing mathematical results ("what follows from what?"). The site aims to bring the mathematical ways of approaching and solving problems to a broader public. It contains a first draft top-down table of contents of mathematical topics, which can also be used for easy navigating the site. Some of the topics contain first definitions, theorems, proofs and examples. All interested visitors are kindly invited to contribute to the project.

7 February 2014

The site bookofproofs.org (BookOfProofs) is born.

Working on a proof of concept, the site is not publicly available yet.

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