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BookofProofs and its Mission

BookofProofs (BoP) is an open book dedicated to mathematics, physics, and computer science. It is written by volunteers and can be freely used for educational purposes. It's goal is to broaden the public knowledge of the axiomatic method and its importance for one's own competency of thinking logically - and for scientific progress in general.

Formulating a logical proof based on assumptions should be a basic skill rather than something reserved for academia.

This motto is what BoP and the axiomatic method are all about.

A unique feature of BoP is the logical graph constructed by the axiomatic method used to derive the different mathematical disciplines. The nodes of this graph are the definitions, axioms and theorems of each theory and the edges of the graph are the logical references of the nodes to each other. This graph can be traversed in any direction. Thus, it is possible to look for all the axioms which were needed to derive any given theorem, and it is possible to list all the theorems/definition derived, where a given axiom, theorem or definition was logically used. BoP automatically provides corresponding analyses for you.

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Another important feature of BoP is that while it consists of separate books for different disciplines, all these books can be cross-referenced. Thus, all mathematical concepts (such as sets, functions, numbers, vector spaces, ...) are defined in the book only once and used where needed, avoiding inconsistencies and duplicates.

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BoP was launched in February 2014 and is a collaborative effort. It currently consists of 6726 separate contributions, spread in two main parts: the branches (containing the theory) and the history (dedicated to the chronological development and portraits of people).

There are many ways you can support the BoP project:

  • Contribute as a volunteer co-author being part of our community,
  • Comment contributions,
  • Correct errors or typos,
  • Share BoP with people you know,
  • Send us your feedback.

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