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Proposition: Addition, Subtraction and Multiplication of Congruences

Let $a,b$ be integers and $m > 0$ be a positive integer. Then the addition $”+”$, subtraction $”-”$ and multiplication $”\cdot”$ operations of the congruence classes $a(m)$ and $b(m)$ are well-defined, setting

a(m)\cdot b(m)&:=&(a\cdot b)(m).\\

and applying the addition, subtraction and multiplication of integers.

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1.Proof: (related to "Addition, Subtraction and Multiplication of Congruences")

2.Corollary: Sums, Products, and Powers Of Congruences

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Bibliography (further reading)

[8152] Jones G., Jones M.: “Elementary Number Theory (Undergraduate Series)”, Springer, 1998

[1272] Landau, Edmund: “Vorlesungen ├╝ber Zahlentheorie, Aus der Elementaren Zahlentheorie”, S. Hirzel, Leipzig, 1927

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