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The following formula is due to James Sylvester (1814 – 1897).

Theorem: Inclusion-Exclusion Principle (Sylvester's Formula)

Let $B_1,\ldots,B_\rho$ be sets. The cardinality of their union $$B:=\bigcup_{r=1}^\rho B_r$$ can be calculated using the so-called inclusion-exclusion principle:
&-\sum_{1\le r<s\le\rho}|(B_r\cap B_s)|\nonumber\\
&+\sum_{1\le r<s<t\le\rho}|(B_r\cap B_s\cap B_t)|\nonumber\\
&+(-1)^{\rho-1}|(B_1\cap\ldots\cap B_\rho)|\nonumber\end{align}$$

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[577] Knauer Ulrich: “Diskrete Strukturen – kurz gefasst”, Spektrum Akademischer Verlag, 2001