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Definition: Extensional Relation

Let $V$ be a set and let $R\subseteq V\times V$ be a binary relation. $R$ is called extensional if all elements of $x\in V$ are uniquely determined by ordered pairs $(z,x)\in R,$ formally

$$\{z\in V\mid zRx\}=\{z\in V\mid zRy\} \Rightarrow x=y,$$

or, by contraposition,

$$\{z\in V\mid zRx\}\neq \{z\in V\mid zRy\} \Rightarrow x\neq y.$$

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1.Explanation: Examples of Extensional Relations

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Bibliography (further reading)

[8055] Hoffmann, D.: “Forcing, Eine Einführung in die Mathematik der Unabhängigkeitsbeweise”, Hoffmann, D., 2018

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