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Theorem: Characterization of Planar Hamiltonian Graphs

(Note that finding a Hamiltonian cycle is an NP-hard problem and there is much research going on to find theoretical results about finding not only necessary but also sufficient criteria for a graph to be Hamiltonian. The following theorem is one such research1591 result in providing a necessary and sufficient criterion for a planar graph to be Hamiltonian. The theorem is also the main motivation for defining the concept of minimal tree decomposability \(\tau(G)\) of a graph \(G\).)

For all simple planar connected graphs \(G\), the following equivalence holds: \(G\) is Hamiltonian, if and only if the minimal tree decomposability of every of its dual graphs equals \(2\), formally:

\[\text{Simple and planar }G:~G\text{ is Hamiltonian}\quad\Longleftrightarrow\quad \tau(G^*)=2\text{ for all dual graphs }G^*\text{ of }G.\]


The idea for this equivalence is illustrated in the following example:

new:branchcorollary:The 4-colors Problem and Planar Hamiltonian Graphs

Let $G$ be a simple planar which is also Hamiltonian. Then it can be colored in

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