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Divisibility is one of the most important properties of integers which is fundamental to number theory. We start with some basic definitions.

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1.Definition: Divisor, Complementary Divisor, Multiple

2.Proposition: Sign of Divisors of Integers

3.Proposition: Finite Number of Divisors

4.Definition: Divisor-Closed Sets

5.Proposition: Divisibility Laws

6.Definition: Sets of Integers Co-Prime To a Given Integer

7.Definition: Even and Odd Numbers

8.Lemma: Division with Quotient and Remainder (Euclid)

9.Proposition: Least Common Multiple

10.Proposition: Greatest Common Divisor

11.Proposition: Relationship Between the Greatest Common Divisor and the Least Common Multiple

12.Definition: Co-prime Numbers

13.Proposition: Greatest Common Divisor of More Than Two Numbers

14.Proposition: Least Common Multiple of More Than Two Numbers

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