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The existence of integers exceeding real numbers motivates the following definitions:

Definition: Floor and Ceiling Functions

The floor $\lfloor \cdot \rfloor:\mathbb R\to\mathbb Z$ and the ceiling function $\lceil \cdot \rceil:\mathbb R\to\mathbb Z$ are functions from the set $\mathbb R$ of real numbers to the set $\mathbb Z$ of integers, defined by:

\lfloor x \rfloor=n&\Longleftrightarrow& n\le x < n+1,\\
\lfloor x \rfloor=n&\Longleftrightarrow& x-1 < n \le x,\\
\lceil x \rceil=n&\Longleftrightarrow& x\le n < x+1,\\
\lceil x \rceil=n&\Longleftrightarrow& n-1 < x \le n.\\

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Bibliography (further reading)

[1112] Graham L. Ronald, Knuth E. Donald, Patashnik Oren: “Concrete Mathematics”, Addison-Wesley, 1994, 2nd Edition

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