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Antonio Luigi Gaudenzio Giuseppe Cremona

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Antonio Luigi Gaudenzio Giuseppe Cremona (1830 - 1903)

* 7 December 1830, † 10 June 1903

Antonio Luigi Gaudenzio Giuseppe Cremona was born on 7 December 1830 in Pavia, Lombardy (now Italy). Luigi Cremona was the originator of graphical statics, the study of forces in equilibrium, using graphical methods. He wrote papers on geometrical transformations, projective geometry and on graphical solutions. Antonio Luigi Gaudenzio Giuseppe Cremona died on 10 June 1903 in Rome, Italy.

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[6909] O’Connor, John J; Robertson, Edmund F: “MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive”, http://www-history.mcs.st-and.ac.uk/, 2014

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