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Luitzen Egbertus Jan Brouwer

Luitzen Egbertus Jan Brouwer (1881 - 1966)

* 27 February 1881, † 2 December 1966

Luitzen Egbertus Jan Brouwer was born on 27 February 1881 in Overschie (now a suburb of Rotterdam), Netherlands. L E J Brouwer was a Dutch mathematician best known for his topological fixed point theorem. He founded the doctrine of mathematical intuitionism, which views mathematics as the formulation of mental constructions that are governed by self-evident laws. Luitzen Egbertus Jan Brouwer died on 2 December 1966 in Blaricum, Netherlands.

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[6909] O’Connor, John J; Robertson, Edmund F: “MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive”,, 2014

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