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Preface History

This part of the project BookOfProofs is dedicated to the history of mathematics and the evolvement of mathematical concepts worldwide over the centuries. The part is structured chronologically. It is divided into sections, beginning with the Prehistory, the Ancient World, Middle Ages, and the centuries from the 10th to the 21st Century.

This structure follows the western calendar, however, it does not mean that only deals with the history of occidental mathematics. The western calendar only gives one possible chronological structure, and any calendar would serve equally well for this purpose.

You will find below events with relevance to the development of mathematics worldwide, ordered chronologically, as well as fact sheets about the life of mathematicians, physicists, astronomers, also ordered chronologically by their birthday.


By the way: Did you know that today is the The links will lead you to the profiles of these persons. If you miss any important details from their lives, please do not hesitate to contribute them!

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1.Prehistory (from 99999 BC to 4001 BC)

2.Ancient World (from 4000 BC to 1 BC)

3.Late Ancient World (from 0 to 499)

4.Early Middle Ages (from 500 to 999)

5.11th Century (from 1000 to 1099)

6.12th Century (from 1100 to 1199)

7.13th Century (from 1200 to 1299)

8.14th Century (from 1300 to 1399)

9.15th Century (from 1400 to 1499)

10.16th Century (from 1500 to 1599)

11.17th Century (from 1600 to 1699)

12.18th Century (from 1700 to 1799)

13.19th Century (from 1800 to 1899)

14.20th Century (from 1900 to 1999)

15.21th Century (from 2000 to 2099)

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