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    Privacy Policy

    By using this catalog, you consent to the following stated use of your personal data:

    • Data provided by your browser are collected and stored, usually including your IP address of the accessing computer, the referrer URL, the type and version of the browser you are using, the operating system of your computer, system and the time of your access to the website. These data are deleted periodically subject to a statistical evaluation.
    • If you decide to open a personal user account, you can decide whether and which personal data will be shown in your public user profile, and consent in using these data accordingly.
    • Following the closure of your account, the Provider reserves the right to archive the personal information collected in the context of your user accountfor a period of 10 years to allow, if necessary, a clear assignment to the contributions and comments submitted by you.
    • Your email is used for the fulfillment of these Terms of Use, for example by sending you a confirmation email for your account. Your email will not be shown in your public profile.
    • If you decide to use the services of Gravatar, you will be able to connect your user account within the catalog with your gravatar.You acknowledge and agree that the services of gravatar are independent from the service of this catalog, with a possibly deviating privacy policy and data protection rules.You also agree that the Provider has no control of and assumes no liability for the services in connection with your gravatar, even if you decide to connect it with your user account within this catalog.

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