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Graph [244]Criteria [307]Complex Numbers [360]Commutative Group of Multiplicative Functions [506]Inequality of the Artithmetic Mean [589]Sequential Search [625]Rules for Exponentiation [676]Every Equilateral Triangle Is Equiangular. [742]Sum of Two Supplemental Angles Equals Two Right Angles [765]Bisectors of Two Supplemental Angles Are Right Angle To Each Other [766]Primality of the Smallest Non-Trivial Divisor [801]Order of Cyclic Group [808]Order of Subgroup Divides Order of Finite Group [831]Angles of a Right And Isosceles Triangle [926]Similar Triangles I [927]Triangulation of Quadrilateral and Sum of Angles [928]Triangulation of an N-gon and Sum of Interior Angles [929]Angles of Right Triangle [930]Rhombus as a Special Case of a Parallelogram [935]Rectangle as a Special Case of a Parallelogram [936]Parallelogram - Defining Property I [937]Parallelogram - Defining Property II [938]Diagonals of a Rectangle [941]Diagonals of a Rhombus [942]Square as a Special Case of a Rhombus [966]Cor. 3.01: Bisected Chord of a Circle Passes the Center [1060]Unique Representation of Real Numbers as \(b\)-adic Fractions [1126]Real Numbers Can Be Approximated by Rational Numbers [1127]Assignment of a Constant \(c\) to the Register \(r_i\) with a \(L O O P\) -Program [1187]Setting the value of a register to the value of another register plus or minus a constant [1189]Conditional execution of \(L O O P\) programs - IF-THEN-ELSE construct [1190]Conditional execution of \(L O O P\) programs - IF-THEN construct [1191]Addition (or Subtraction) of Two Registers [1192]Multiplication of Two Registers [1193]No-Operation Command (NOP) [1194]Division with Quotient and Remainder [1195]Simulating WHILE Programs Using GOTO Programs (and vice versa) [1201]Relationship Between Planarity and Biconnectivity of Graphs [1229]Relationship Between Planarity and Connectivity of Graphs [1230]Characterization of Biconnected Planar Graphs [1237]Equivalent Definitions of Trees [1242]Extracting the Real and the Imaginary Part of a Complex Number [1248]Every uniformly convergent sequence of functions is pointwise convergent. [1256]Commutativity of the Greatest Common Divisor [1287]Existence of Integers Exceeding Real Numbers [1342]Rearrangement of Convergent Series [1366]Differentiable Functions are Continuous [1374]Cauchy Product of Absolutely Convergent Complex Series [1736]Addition and Scalar Multiplication of Riemann Upper and Lower Integrals [1770]Sum of Binomial Coefficients III [1845]Prop. 7.03: Greatest Common Divisor of Three Numbers [2333]Def. 3.11: Similar Circular Segments [2783]Defining Property of the Field of Real Numbers [6194]Converting Decimal Numbers to Roman Numbers [6208]Converting Roman Numbers to Decimal Numbers [6209]Properties of a Real Scalar Product [6214]getSubgraph [6218]Prime Ideals of Multiplicative Systems in Integral Domains [6244]One-to-one Correspondence of Ideals in the Factor Ring and a Commutative Ring [6248]Spectrum Function of Commutative Rings [6249]Properties of a Complex Scalar Product [6251]First Law of Planetary Motion [6304]Second Law of Planetary Motion [6305]Third Law of Planetary Motion [6306]Fiber of Prime Ideals [6317]Fiber of Maximal Ideals [6318]Number of Labeled Spanning Trees [6369]Euler Characteristic for Planar Graphs [6374]Characterization of Planar Graphs [6380]Sieve for Twin Primes [6403]C.N. 1: Equality is an Equivalence Relation [6420]C.N. 2: Adding Equations Preserves Equality [6421]C.N. 3: Subtracting Equations Preserves Equality [6422]C.N. 5: Comparing the Size of Sets and Their Subsets [6423]Cor. 3.16: Line at Right Angles to Diameter of Circle At its Ends Touches the Circle [6449]Cor. 4.15: Side of Hexagon Inscribed in a Circle Equals the Radius of that Circle [6450]Cor. 5.07: Ratios of Equal Magnitudes [6451]Cor. 5.19: Proportional Magnitudes have Proportional Remainders [6452]Cor. 6.19: Ratio of Areas of Similar Triangles [6454]Cor. 6.20: Similar Polygons are Composed of Similar Triangles [6455]Cor. 8.02: Construction of Geometric Progression in Lowest Terms [6456]Cor. 9.11: Elements of Geometric Progression from One which Divide Later Elements [6457]Cor. 10.003: Greatest Common Measure of Commensurable Magnitudes [6458]Cor. 10.004: Greatest Common Measure of Three Commensurable Magnitudes [6459]Cor. 10.006: Magnitudes with Rational Ratio are Commensurable [6460]Cor. 10.009: Commensurability of Squares [6461]Cor. 10.023: Segment Commensurable with Medial Area is Medial [6462]Cor. 10.114: Rectangles With Irrational Sides Can Have Rational Areas [6464]Cor. 11.33: Volumes of Similar Parallelepipeds are in Triplicate Ratio to Length of Corresponding Sides [6465]Cor. 11.35: Condition for Equal Angles contained by Elevated Straight Lines from Plane Angles [6466]Cor. 12.07: Prism on Triangular Base divided into Three Equal Tetrahedra [6467]Cor. 13.16: Construction of Regular Icosahedron within Given Sphere [6470]Cor. 13.17: Construction of Regular Dodecahedron within Given Sphere [6471]Sum of Consecutive Natural Numbers From Zero to a Given Number [6623]Sum of Odd Numbers from One to a Given Number [6624]Sum of Squares [6625]Sum of Cube Numbers [6626]Sum of Binomial Coefficients IV [6628]Product of Two Sums (Generalized Distributivity Rule) [6629]Equality of Two Ratios [6631]Sum and Difference of Two Ratios [6632]Product of Two Ratios [6633]Ratio of Two Ratios [6636]Reverse Triangle Inequalities [6637]Inequality between Square Numbers and Powers of $2$ [6638]Inequality between Powers of $2$ and Factorials [6639]Inequality between Binomial Coefficients and Reciprocals of Factorials [6640]Bounds for Partial Sums of Exponential Series [6641]Closed Formula for the Maximum and Minimum of Two Numbers [6642]Convergence Behavior of the Inverse of Sequence Members Tending to Infinity [6649]Convergence Behavior of the Inverse of Sequence Members Tending to Zero [6650]Sum of a Convergent Real Sequence and a Real Sequence Tending to Infininty [6651]Product of a Convergent Real Sequence and a Real Sequence Tending to Infinity [6652]Real Sequences Contain Monotonic Subsequences [6654]Exponential Function Is Non-Negative (Real Case) [6656]Exponential Function and the Euler Constant [6657]Rational Numbers are Countable [6659]Real Numbers are Uncountable [6661]Open Real Intervals are Uncountable [6662]Irrational Numbers are Uncountable [6664]Open Intervals Contain Uncountably Many Irrational Numbers [6665]Rational Numbers are Dense in the Real Numbers [6666]A Criterion for Subsets of Real Numbers to be Bounded [6667]Decreasing Sequence of Supremum of Extended Real Numbers [6671]Increasing Sequence of Infimum of Extended Real Numbers [6672]Limit Superior is the Supremum of Accumulation Points of a Bounded Real Sequence [6675]Limit Inferior is the Infimum of Accumulation Points of a Bounded Real Sequence [6676]Relationship between Limit, Limit Superior, and Limit Inferior of a Real Sequence [6677]Uncountable and Countable Subsets of Natural Numbers [6678]Rational Functions are Continuous [6684]Identity Function is Continuous [6685]Functions Continuous at a Point and Identical to Other Functions in a Neighborhood of This Point [6686]Sum of Arguments of Hyperbolic Cosine [6689]Sum of Arguments of Hyperbolic Sine [6690]Difference of Squares of Hyperbolic Cosine and Hyperbolic Sine [6691]Limits of Polynomials at Infinity [6693]Real Polynomials of Odd Degree Have at Least One Real Root [6694]Continuous Real Functions on Closed Intervals Take Maximum and Minimum Values within these Intervals [6696]Continuous Real Functions on Closed Intervals are Bounded [6697]All Uniformly Continuous Functions are Continuous [6700]Not all Continuous Functions are also Uniformly Continuous [6701]Fixed-Point Property of Continuous Functions on Closed Intervals [6703]Modulus of Continuity is Subadditive [6706]Modulus of Continuity is Monotonically Increasing [6707]Modulus of Continuity is Continuous [6708]Limit of Exponential Growth as Compared to Polynomial Growth [6715]Limits of Logarithm in $[0,+\infty]$ [6716]Limits of General Powers [6717]Value of Zero to the Power of X [6718]Limit of Logarithmic Growth as Compared to Positive Power Growth [6719]Infinitesimal Exponential Growth is the Growth of the Identity Function [6720]Logarithm to a General Base [6721]Inverse Hyperbolic Sine [6722]Inverse Hyperbolic Cosine [6723]Limit of Nth Root of N [6724]Comparison of Functional Equations For Linear, Logarithmic and Exponential Growth [6727]Absolute Value of Complex Conjugate [6728]Absolute Value of the Product of Complex Numbers [6729]Additivity Theorems of Cosine and Sine [6730]Infinite Series for Cosine and Sine [6731]Estimates for the Remainder Terms of the Infinite Series of Cosine and Sine [6732]Infinitesimal Growth of Sine is the Growth of the Identity Function [6733]Zero of Cosine [6737]Special Values for Real Sine, Real Cosine and Complex Exponential Function [6739]Cosine and Sine are Periodic Functions [6740]Negative Cosine and Sine vs Shifting the Argument [6741]Arguments for which Cosine and Sine are Equal to Each Other [6742]All Zeros of Cosine and Sine [6743]Euler's Identity [6744]More Insight to Euler's Identity [6745]Inverse Cosine of a Real Variable [6747]Inverse Sine of a Real Variable [6748]Inverse Tangent of a Real Variable [6749]Polar Coordinates of a Complex Number [6750]Geometric Construction of the Multiplication of Complex Numbers [6751]n-th Roots of Unity [6752]Additivity Theorem of Tangent [6753]Inverse Tangent and Complex Exponential Function [6754]Derivative of the n-th Power Function [6755]Derivative of the Reciprocal Function [6757]Derivative of the Exponential Function [6758]Derivative of Cosine [6759]Derivative of Sine [6760]Derivate of Absolute Value Function Does Not Exist at \(0\) [6761]Differentiable Functions and Tangent-Linear Approximation [6763]Derivative of Tangent [6764]Derivative of an Invertible Function on Real Invervals [6765]Derivative of the Natural Logarithm [6766]Derivative of the Inverse Sine [6767]Derivative of the Inverse Tangent [6768]Chain Rule [6769]Derivative of General Powers of Positive Numbers [6770]Generalized Product Rule [6772]Derivatives of Even and Odd Functions [6773]Eveness (Oddness) of Polynomials [6774]Zero-Derivative as a Necessary Condition for a Local Extremum [6776]Rolle's Theorem [6778]Darboux's Theorem [6779]Estimating the Growth of a Function with its Derivative [6780]Sufficient Condition for a Function to be Constant [6781]Differential Equation of the Exponential Function [6782]Characterization of Monotonic Functions via Derivatives [6783]Sufficient Condition for a Local Extremum [6784]Necessary and Sufficient Condition for Convexity [6786]An Upper Bound for the Product of General Powers [6787]p-Norm, Taxicab Norm, Euclidean Norm, Maximum Norm [6789]Hölder's inequality [6790]Cauchy–Schwarz Inequality [6791]Minkowski Inequality [6792]Convex Functions on Open Intervals are Continuous [6793]Maximum Norm as a Limit of p-Norms [6794]Legendre Polynomials and Legendre Differential Equations [6795]Step Functions as a Subspace of all Functions on a Closed Real Interval [6796]Step Function on Closed Intervals are Riemann Integrable [6797]Positive and Negative Parts of a Riemann-Integrable Functions are Riemann-Integrable [6799]Product of Riemann-integrable Functions is Riemann-integrable [6800]Riemann Sum Converging To the Riemann Integral [6801]Sum of Cosines [6802]Integral of Cosine [6803]Integral p-Norm [6804]Integrals on Adjacent Intervals [6805]Antiderivatives are Uniquely Defined Up to a Constant [6806]Fundamental Theorem of Calculus [6807]Integral of General Powers [6808]Integral of the Reciprocal Function [6809]Integral of Sine [6810]Integral of the Exponential Function [6811]Integration by Substitution [6813]Integral of the Natural Logarithm [6814]Integral of the Inverse Tangent [6815]Integral of Inverse Sine [6816]Square of a Non-Zero Element is Positive in Ordered Fields [6860]

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Formal Systems [26]Real Analysis of Multiple Variables [29]Complex Analysis [58]Topological Vector Spaces [69]Analytic Number Theory [72]Probability Theory and Statistics [73]Differential Equations [74]Algebraic Number Theory [76]Programming [78]Zermelo-Fraenkel Set Theory [81]Combinatorics [82]Homotopy [83]Theory of Algorithms [84]Elliptic Geometry [86]Optimization Methods [88]Paradigms [89]Integral Domains [90]Prime Number Theorem [91]Residue Classes [92]Randomness and Probability Calculus [93]Languages [94]Correctness [95]First and Second Axiom of Countability [98]Linear Integral Equations [99]Field Extensions [100]Hyperbolic Geometry [102]Inclusion and Exclusion [104]Automata Theory [107]Knot Theory [108]Projective Geometry [110]Ordinal Numbers [112]Proof Theory [113]Galois Theory [114]Functional Analysis [116]Game Theory [119]Differential Geometry [124]Vector Analysis [128]Continuity [129]Complex Infinite Series [130]Classification of Differential Equations [131]CW Complexes [132]Computational Complexity Theory [133]Tables [135]Genetic Programming [136]Systems of Equations [138]Analytic Geometry [139]Real Infinite Series [142]Differentiability [144]Calculus of Variations [145]Geometric Aspects [146]Methods to Solve Ordinary DE [149]Computability Theory [151]Dynamic Programming [152]Linked Lists [153]Trees [154]Semi-Numerical Algorithms [156]Fuzzy Logic [157]Decidability [158]Paths, Cycles and Connectivity [159]Methods to Solve Partial DE [160]Topological Aspects [161]Moebius Transformations [162]Integrability [163]Implicit Functions [164]Types of Real Functions [166]Algebraic Geometry [168]Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors [169]Semi-Rings [171]Symmetry Groups [172]Hashing [176]Numerical Algorithms [177]Planar Graphs [178]Diophantine Equations [179]Prime Number Theorem for Arithmetic Progressions [180]Finite Abelian Groups [181]Order Relations [189]Injections and Inversions [190]Rings [192]Constructions with Ruler and Compass [193]Number Systems [195]Criteria for Convergence of Real Series [196]Properties of Real Functions [200]Types of Complex Functions [201]Fredholm Integral Equations [202]Entropy [204]Neural Networks [205]Sets [206]Higher-Order Logics [207]Peano Arithmetic [208]Universal Algebras [210]Polynomial Rings and Irreducibility [211]Ordered Rings [212]Principal Axis Transformation [213]Subspaces [214]Taylor Series [220]Banach Spaces and Banach Algebra [221]Fixed Point Theory [223]Properties of Complex Functions [224]Vertex Colourings and Decompositions [226]Greedy Algorithms [228]Sorting [229]Positional Notation Systems [230]Linear Programming [231]Algebraic and Transcendent Numbers [234]Laws of Large Numbers [236]Transitive Hull and Irreducible Kernels [238]Bipartite Graphs [239]Infinite Series Approximations [241]Roman Numbers [242]String Matching [243]Randomized Rounding [245]Volterra Integral Equation [246]Linear 1. Order DE [248]Linear 1. Order DE [249]Laurant Series [250]Paths [253]Conformity [254]Accumulation Points [255]Path Integrals [257]Differential Operations on Vector Fields [258]Hilbert Spaces [259]Power Series [260]Jordan Normal Form [262]Factor Space [263]Categories [264]Set of Maps [266]Hasse Diagram [267]Continuum Hypothesis [268]Gödel's Incompleteness Theorems [270]Semilattices and Lattices [271]Homomorphy Theorem [272]Infinite Fields [275]Products and Coproducts [277]Rotations and Basic Transformations [278]Fourier Series [283]Linear Operators and Linear Functionals [284]Integral Operations on Vector Fields [285]Criteria for Absolute Convergence of Real Series [286]Multiple Riemann Integrals [287]Riemann's Plane and Sphere [289]Homology and Winding Numbers [290]Complex Rational Functions [291]Differentiable Complex Functions [292]Stirling Numbers [293]Inner Maps [294]Finite Fields [295]Freedom [296]Touring's Maschine [297]Determinants [298]Equations [300]Logarithms [301]Non-linear Operator [303]Extremal Values with Side Conditions [304]Multiple Lebesque Integrals [305]Criteria [307]Inversion [309]Isogonality [310]Homotopy [311]Periodic Complex Functions [313]Isolated Singularities [314]Linear vs. Non-Linear DE [315]Linear 2. Order DE [316]Linear 2. Order DE [317]Liouville-Neumann Series [318]Tychonoff's Theorem [319]Worst Case [320]Simulated Annealing [321]Stacks [322]External Sorting [323]Discrete Distributions [324]Continuous Distributions [325]Chebyshev's Lemma [326]Multidimensional Random Variables [327]Graph Transformations [328]Zeta Functions [329]Analytic Continuation [331]Jordan Measurability [332]Brouwer's Theorem [333]Complex Logarithms [334]Invertible Complex Functions [335]Meromorphic Functions [336]Queues [337]Mixing [338]Outer Maps [341]Cyclotomic Fields [342]Matrices [343]Dual Space [344]Inaquations [345]Trigonometric Functions [346]Lebesque Measure and Lebesque Integral [348]Schauder's Theorem [349]Fixed Points [350]Complex Trigonometric Functions [351]Residue Theorem [353]Order of DE [354]Linear n-th Order DE [355]Abel Integral Equations [356]Average Case [357]Strings [358]Backtracking [359]Graph Traversing [363]Homomorphism [364]Dirichlet Convolution [365]Sieve Methods [366]Random Sample Models [367]Weak Law of Large Numbers [369]Markov Chains [370]Subalgebras [371]Vectors [372]Some Important Constants [373]Cyclometric Functions [375]Kakutani's Theorem [378]Cross-Ratio [379]Complex Cyclometric Functions [380]Integrable Complex Functions [381]Discrete Fourier Transform [382]Systems of DE [383]Linear Systems of 1. Order DE [384]Uniform Complexity Measure and Bit Complexity [385]Files [386]Data Compression [387]Pseudo-Random Numbers [388]Interpolation [389]Shortest Paths [392]Lattice Points [394]Uniform Distribution [396]Normal Distribution [397]Strong Law of Large Numbers [398]Discrete Time Markov Chains [399]Estimation Theory [400]Cross Product [402]Hyporbolic Functions [406]Complex Hyporbolic Functions [409]Holomorphic Functions [410]Polynomial Time [411]Kernel and Image [413]Inverse Hyperbolic Functions [415]Simple Connectivity [417]Complex Inverse Hyperbolic Functions [418]Indefinite Integral [419]Non-Linear DE [420]NP-Completeness [421]Branch & Bound [422]Multiplication [423]Extrapolation [424]Flows [425]Reduction [426]Additive Number Theory [427]Logarithmic Normal Distribution [430]Continuous Time Markov Chains [431]Matrices of Linear Maps [433]Mixed Functions [435]Integrable Functions [436]The \(C(X)\) Algebra [437]Complex Mixed Functions [438]Path Integrals [439]Criteria [440]Boundary Value Problems [441]Probabilistic Complexity [442]And / Or Trees [443]Divisibility and Modular Arithmetic [444]Differentiation [445]Matchings [446]Similarity of Graphs [447]Goldbach Conjecture [448]Student Distribution [451]Affine Maps [452]Properties [453]Min-Max and Alpha-Beta [454]Normal Forms [455]Indefinite Integral [456]Gamma Function [457]Harmonic Functions [458]Satisfaction Problem Solving [459]Integration [461]Contraction and Minors [462]Network Design and Routing [463]Hypergeometric Distribution [465]\(\chi^2\) Distribution [466]Fisher Distribution [467]Poisson Distribution [468]Infinite Graphs [470]Graph Representations [471]Linear Equation Systems [472]Prime Numbers [473]Quadrics [475]Improper Integral [476]Cryptography [477]Elimination [478]Non-Linear Equation Systems [479]Extremal Problems in Graph Theory [480]Riemann-Stieltjes Integral [482]Calendar [483]Combinatorics [484]Iterative Methods [485]Orthogonalisation [486]Graph Theory [488]Iterative Methods [489]Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors [490]Network Paths [491]Integration of Starting Value Problems (Ordinary DE) [492]Network Flows [493]Error Analysis [494]One-Step Methods [495]Multi-Step Methods [496]Fibonacci Numbers [498]Ancient World [610]Quantum Computation [622]General Relativity [643]800 BC [2789]325 BC [3577]Graphs [6217]Algebraic Topology [6285]Quantum Field Theory [6302]Classical Mechanics [6303]Common Notions [6418]Fractional Arithmetic [6630]Closed Formulas for Infinite Real Series [6655]Complex Numbers [6788]

Missing Informal Examples, Explanations, etc.

Nested Closed Subset Theorem [127]Law of Total Probability [449]Bayes' Theorem [464]Commutative Group of Multiplicative Functions [506]Inequality of the Artithmetic Mean [589]Bernoulli's Inequality [590]Prop. 9.14: Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic [800]Construction of Groups from Commutative and Cancellative Semigroups [839]Construction of Fields from Integral Domains [888]Finite Basis Theorem [1042]Every Bounded Real Sequence has a Convergent Subsequence [1152]Simulating LOOP Programs Using WHILE Programs [1199]Simulating WHILE Programs Using GOTO Programs (and vice versa) [1201]Characterization of Biconnected Planar Graphs [1237]Intermediate Value Theorem [1259]Divisors of a Product Of Two Factors, Co-Prime to One Factor Divide the Other Factor [1293]Binomial Theorem [1397]Completeness Principle For Complex Numbers [1709]Supremum Property, Infimum Property [1756]Indefinite Integral, Antiderivative [1768]Mean Value Theorem For Riemann Integrals [1772]Multinomial Theorem [1822]Theorem of Large Numbers for Relative Frequencies [1838]First Law of Planetary Motion [6304]Second Law of Planetary Motion [6305]Third Law of Planetary Motion [6306]Number of Labeled Spanning Trees [6369]Characterization of Bipartite Graphs [6370]Euler Characteristic for Planar Graphs [6374]Characterization of Planar Graphs [6380]Characterization of Eulerian Graphs [6381]Characterization of Semi-Eulerian Graphs [6385]Heine-Borel Theorem [6596]Continuous Functions Mapping Compact Domains to Real Numbers Take Maximum and Minimum Values on these Domains [6604]Theorem of Bolzano-Weierstrass [6608]Continuous Functions on Compact Domains are Uniformly Continuous [6614]Continuous Real Functions on Closed Intervals are Uniformly Continuous [6616]Reverse Triangle Inequalities [6637]Intermediate Root Value Theorem [6692]Rolle's Theorem [6778]Darboux's Theorem [6779]Fundamental Theorem of Calculus [6807]Integration by Substitution [6813]

Incomplete Biographies of Mathematicians

Birth of Asger Hartvig Aaboe [3573]Birth of Louis Robert Jules d'Adhémar [3611]Birth of Giovanni Battista Riccioli [3707]Birth of Giovanni Alfonso Borelli [3714]Birth of Francesco Maria Grimaldi [3725]Birth of Louis Carré [3774]Birth of Eustachio Manfredi [3784]Birth of Patrick d'Arcy [3843]Birth of Antonio Maria Lorgna [3860]Birth of Nicolas Vilant [3865]Birth of John Bonnycastle [3889]Birth of Nicola Fergola [3893]Birth of Nicolas-François Canard [3896]Birth of Pietro Paoli [3901]Birth of Johann Christian Martin Bartels [3922]Birth of Johann Karl Burckhardt [3930]Birth of Olinthus Gilbert Gregory [3933]Birth of Karl Brandan Mollweide [3934]Birth of Benjamin Gompertz [3949]Birth of Jean-Nicolas Nicollet [3962]Birth of Louis Lefébure de Fourcy [3964]Birth of Enno Heeren Dirksen [3965]Birth of Antonio Maria Bordoni [3970]Birth of Jean-Baptiste Charles Joseph Bélanger [3972]Birth of Charles Hughes Terrot [3974]Birth of Charles Matthew Whish [3993]Birth of Jean-Baptiste Brasseur [4027]Birth of Christian Heinrich von Nagel [4030]Birth of Augustus De Morgan [4042]Birth of Moritz Abraham Stern [4047]Birth of Oliver Byrne [4057]Birth of Gustav Adolph Göpel [4063]Birth of Robert Richard Anstice [4065]Birth of John William Colenso [4069]Birth of Pierre Laurent Wantzel [4072]Birth of Franc Mocnik [4074]Birth of Osip Ivanovich Somov [4075]Birth of Charles Eugene Delaunay [4080]Birth of Johann Georg Rosenhain [4081]Birth of Johann Rudolf Wolf [4082]Birth of Angelo Genocchi [4085]Birth of Charles Auguste Briot [4086]Birth of Joel Evans Hendricks [4087]Birth of James Cockle [4088]Birth of John Casey [4099]Birth of William Chauvenet [4101]Birth of Philipp Ludwig von Seidel [4109]Birth of Samuel Haughton [4110]Birth of William Oughter Lonie [4115]Birth of Guillaume Jules Hoüel [4117]Birth of Oscar Xaver Schlömilch [4118]Birth of Hugh Blackburn [4120]Birth of Jacob Amsler [4122]Birth of August Yulevich Davidov [4124]Birth of Johann Martin Zacharias Dase [4127]Birth of George Johnston Allman [4129]Birth of William Spottiswoode [4131]Birth of John James Walker [4134]Birth of Carl Anton Bjerknes [4135]Birth of Morgan William Crofton [4138]Birth of Ludwig Christian Wiener [4142]Birth of Lajos Martin [4144]Birth of Charles Watkins Merrifield [4145]Birth of Samuel Roberts [4146]Birth of Giuseppe Bruno [4148]Birth of Heinrich Eduard Schröter [4149]Birth of Norman Macleod Ferrers [4151]Birth of Joseph Wolstenholme [4153]Birth of Victor Mayer Amédée Mannheim [4161]Birth of Georg Joseph Sidler [4162]Birth of Robert Tucker [4167]Birth of Edmond Bour [4170]Birth of François-Jacques-Philippe Folie [4176]Birth of Erastus Lyman De Forest [4178]Birth of Josef Stefan [4181]Birth of John Howard Van Amringe [4182]Birth of Hugues Charles Robert Méray [4186]Birth of Julius Weingarten [4189]Birth of Hugh MacColl [4190]Birth of Paul Gustav Heinrich Bachmann [4193]Birth of Nicolai Vasilievich Bugaev [4196]Birth of Hermann Bleuler [4198]Birth of George William Hill [4199]Birth of Frank Stephen Baldwin [4200]Birth of Jeno Hunyadi [4201]Birth of Thorvald Nicolai Thiele [4203]Birth of Adolph Mayer [4206]Birth of Joseph Émile Barbier [4208]Birth of Olaus Magnus Friedrich Erdmann Henrici [4214]Birth of Johann Jakob Rebstein [4216]Birth of Robert Stawell Ball [4217]Birth of John Emory McClintock [4218]Birth of Joseph Jean Baptiste Neuberg [4219]Birth of Émile Michel Hyacinthe Lemoine [4220]Birth of Carl Johannes Thomae [4221]Birth of Friedrich Otto Rudolf Sturm [4222]Birth of Matthieu Paul Hermann Laurent [4224]Birth of Yulian-Karl Vasilievich Sokhotsky [4226]Birth of Agnes Mary Clerke [4227]Birth of Joseph Valentin Boussinesq [4229]Birth of Otto Stolz [4232]Birth of Jakob Rosanes [4236]Birth of James Stuart [4241]Birth of Ernst Mauritz Dahlin [4244]Birth of Heinrich Friedrich Weber [4247]Birth of Jacob Lüroth [4250]Birth of Paul Mansion [4252]Birth of Ágoston Scholtz [4253]Birth of George Henri Halphen [4256]Birth of Albert Victor Bäcklund [4258]Birth of Salomon Eduard Gubler [4264]Birth of Pieter Hendrik Schoute [4268]Birth of Henry C Heaton [4270]Birth of Enoch Beery Seitz [4271]Birth of Platon Sergeevich Poretsky [4272]Birth of Mór Réthy [4274]Birth of Gyula Farkas [4277]Birth of Carlo Alberto Castigliano [4281]Birth of Christine Ladd-Franklin [4284]Birth of Washington Irving Stringham [4285]Birth of Achille Marie Gaston Floquet [4286]Birth of Heinrich Suter [4287]Birth of Adam Wilhelm Siegmund Günther [4288]Birth of Konstantin Alekseevich Andreev [4290]Birth of Nikolay Yakovlevich Sonin [4300]Birth of Robert Simpson Woodward [4303]Birth of Sophie Willock Bryant [4310]Birth of William Edward Story [4311]Birth of Emanuel Czuber [4317]Birth of Spiru Haret [4318]Birth of Samuel Dickstein [4320]Birth of Edwin Bailey Elliott [4321]Birth of James Taylor [4322]Birth of Julius Gysel [4325]Birth of Ellen Amanda Hayes [4326]Birth of Adolf Weiler [4328]Birth of Giovanni Frattini [4329]Birth of Constantin Marie Michel Hubert Jérôme Le Paige [4330]Birth of Eduard Weyr [4332]Birth of Francis Robbins Upton [4334]Birth of Johann Heinrich Graf [4335]Birth of Walter Gröbli [4336]Birth of François Nicolas Cosserat [4337]Birth of Albin Herzog [4338]Birth of Andrei Petrovich Kiselev [4339]Birth of Fabian Franklin [4341]Birth of John Guthrie Kerr [4344]Birth of Leopold Klug [4348]Birth of Benjamin Osgood Peirce [4350]Birth of Phoebe Sarah Hertha Marks Ayrton [4351]Birth of Ivan Vladislavovich Sleszynski [4354]Birth of Johannes Robert Rydberg [4356]Birth of Christian Beyel [4357]Birth of Gyula Vályi [4359]Birth of Karl Friedrich Wilhelm Rohn [4360]Birth of Sir Charles Vernon Boys [4361]Birth of Alfredo Capelli [4363]Birth of Giovanni Battista Guccia [4365]Birth of Thomas Craig [4367]Birth of Arnold Droz-Farny [4370]Birth of Adolf Kiefer [4389]Birth of Gabriel Xavier Paul Koenigs [4391]Birth of Francesco Gerbaldi [4397]Birth of Henry Burchard Fine [4399]Birth of Marie Georges Humbert [4400]Birth of Samuil Osipovich Shatunovsky [4403]Birth of Ivan Vsevolodovich Meshchersky [4406]Birth of Jérôme Franel [4409]Birth of George Ballard Mathews [4426]Birth of Pierre Maurice Marie Duhem [4431]Birth of Herbert Ellsworth Slaught [4432]Birth of Ernst Fiedler [4433]Birth of Theodor Molien [4437]Birth of Robert Karl Emanuel Fricke [4439]Birth of Heinrich Friedrich Karl Ludwig Burkhardt [4441]Birth of Marius Lacombe [4446]Birth of Ruth Ellen Gentry [4448]Birth of Vilhelm Frimann Koren Bjerknes [4450]Birth of Fritz Bützberger [4453]Birth of Philbert Maurice d'Ocagne [4454]Birth of Paul Gustav Samuel Stäckel [4459]Birth of Winifred Edgerton Merrill [4460]Birth of John McCowan [4463]Birth of Lászlo Rátz [4466]Birth of Augustus Edward Hough Love [4467]Birth of Giovanni Vailati [4468]Birth of Luigi Berzolari [4469]Birth of Edward Burr van Vleck [4471]Birth of Kelly Miller [4473]Birth of George Abram Miller [4474]Birth of Aleksei Nikolaevich Krylov [4476]Birth of Lars Edvard Phragmén [4478]Birth of Domenico Montesano [4486]Birth of Georg Landsberg [4495]Birth of Ernesto Pascal [4496]Birth of Anders Wiman [4497]Birth of Ernest-Paulin-Joseph Vessiot [4498]Birth of Thomas Scott Fiske [4501]Birth of Flora Philip [4502]Birth of Benjamin Franklin Finkel [4504]Birth of Aleksandr Petrovich Kotelnikov [4507]Birth of Piers Bohl [4508]Birth of Giuseppe Bagnera [4509]Birth of James P Pierpont [4518]Birth of Kazimierz Zorawski [4519]Birth of Ralph Allen Sampson [4520]Birth of Arthur Hirsch [4522]Birth of Alfred Tauber [4524]Birth of Georg Wilhelm Scheffers [4526]Birth of Derrick Norman Lehmer [4529]Birth of Charles Albert Noble [4530]Birth of Hendrik de Vries [4531]Birth of Dmitrii Matveevich Sintsov [4535]Birth of Arthur Lee Dixon [4536]Birth of Alice Bache Gould [4537]Birth of Georgy Fedoseevich Voronoy [4544]Birth of Geoffrey Thomas Bennett [4547]Birth of Ladislaus Josephowitsch Bortkiewicz [4549]Birth of Charles Shirra Dougall [4550]Birth of Anne Lucy Bosworth Focke [4551]Birth of Alessandro Padoa [4552]Birth of Ada Isabel Maddison [4560]Birth of Mary Frances Winston Newson [4562]Birth of Virgil Snyder [4563]Birth of Emilie Norton Martin [4565]Birth of Louis Bachelier [4569]Birth of Agnes Sime Baxter [4570]Birth of Robert de Montessus de Ballore [4571]Birth of Boris Grigorievich Galerkin [4580]Birth of Jules Joseph Drach [4581]Birth of Ernst Julius Amberg [4586]Birth of Wilhelm Ernst Martin Georg Ahrens [4589]Birth of Gustave Dumas [4590]Birth of Mary Ann Elizabeth Stephansen [4591]Birth of Forest Ray Moulton [4592]Birth of Willem de Sitter [4593]Birth of Marian Smoluchowski [4595]Birth of Giovanni Enrico Eugenio Vacca [4600]Birth of Volodymyr Levytsky [4602]Birth of Hans Frederick Blichfeldt [4604]Birth of Alfred Young [4606]Birth of Zoárd Geöcze [4608]Birth of Dimitrie Pompeiu [4610]Birth of Alfreds Arnolds Adolfs Meders [4612]Birth of Karl Frithiof Sundman [4615]Birth of Maximilian Ernst Richard Fuchs [4616]Birth of Josip Plemelj [4617]Birth of Ernest Barnes [4620]Birth of Edward Vermilye Huntington [4621]Birth of Friedrich Moritz Hartogs [4622]Birth of Fredrik Carl Mulertz Størmer [4623]Birth of Mihály Bauer [4624]Birth of Gheorghe Țițeica [4625]Birth of Ludwig Prandtl [4627]Birth of Max Abraham [4630]Birth of Beppo Levi [4634]Birth of Giuseppe Vitali [4637]Birth of Arthur William Conway [4638]Birth of Andre-Louis Cholesky [4640]Birth of Ernest Benjamin Esclangon [4645]Birth of Gilbert Ames Bliss [4647]Birth of Ludwig Otto Blumenthal [4650]Birth of Bernardino Gaetano Scorza [4653]Birth of Ernest Julius Wilczynski [4654]Birth of Tatiana Ehrenfest-Afanassjewa [4655]Birth of Thomas Hakon Grönwall [4656]Birth of Carl Schoy [4661]Birth of Charles Max Mason [4665]Birth of Tommaso Boggio [4666]Birth of Agner Krarup Erlang [4668]Birth of Pierre Joseph Louis Fatou [4671]Birth of Edward Kasner [4672]Birth of Marcel Grossmann [4673]Birth of Oliver Dimon Kellogg [4677]Birth of Louis Charles Karpinski [4678]Birth of Arthur Byron Coble [4680]Birth of Edwin Bidwell Wilson [4687]Birth of Anton Dimitrija Bilimovic [4688]Birth of Karl Rudolf Fueter [4701]Birth of Heinrich Franz Friedrich Tietze [4702]Birth of Michele Cipolla [4704]Birth of Pierre Léon Boutroux [4705]Birth of Ebenezer Cunningham [4708]Birth of Hilda Phoebe Hudson [4711]Birth of Lewis Fry Richardson [4715]Birth of George Waddel Snedecor [4716]Birth of Tadeusz Banachiewicz [4718]Birth of Kazimierz Wladyslaw Bartel [4720]Birth of Theodor Angheluță [4723]Birth of Clement Vavasor Durell [4725]Birth of Jean François Chazy [4727]Birth of Harry Schultz Vandiver [4729]Birth of Francisco José Duarte [4733]Birth of James Mercer [4734]Birth of Clarence Irving Lewis [4736]Birth of Anna Johnson Pell Wheeler [4738]Birth of Eugenio Elia Levi [4743]Birth of Albert Châtelet [4744]Birth of Aleksandr Ivanovich Nekrasov [4748]Birth of Philipp Frank [4750]Birth of Nicolae Abramescu [4752]Birth of David Enskog [4754]Birth of Corrado Gini [4756]Birth of Wilhelm Winkler [4762]Birth of Georges Jean Marie Valiron [4764]Birth of Fritz Alexander Ernst Noether [4766]Birth of Heinrich Scholz [4768]Birth of Pauline Sperry [4771]Birth of Karlis Zalts [4772]Birth of Karel Rychlik [4773]Birth of Salvatore Cherubino [4778]Birth of Viggo Brun [4785]Birth of Niels Erik Norlund [4786]Birth of Theodor Franz Eduard Kaluza [4787]Birth of Annibale Comessatti [4790]Birth of Pia Maria Nalli [4792]Birth of Geoffrey Ingram Taylor [4793]Birth of Aurel Angelescu [4795]Birth of Michael Fekete [4797]Birth of Otto Haupt [4804]Birth of Griffith Conrad Evans [4806]Birth of Gustav Ludwig Hertz [4809]Birth of Oskar Johann Viktor Anderson [4810]Birth of Otton Marcin Nikodym [4812]Birth of Simion Stoilow [4813]Birth of Guido Ascoli [4815]Birth of Robert Erich Remak [4825]Birth of Archie Alphonso Alexander [4829]Birth of Georges Darmois [4831]Birth of William Richard Maximilian Hugo Threlfall [4832]Birth of Bibhutibhushan Datta [4833]Birth of Julio Rey Pastor [4836]Birth of William Lloyd Garrison Williams [4839]Birth of Louis Auguste Antoine [4841]Birth of Percy John Daniell [4842]Birth of Anton Kazimirovich Suschkevich [4844]Birth of Balthasar van der Pol [4845]Birth of Oscar Chisini [4848]Birth of Thomas Lancaster Wren [4849]Birth of René Eugène Gateaux [4851]Birth of Andrei Mikhailovich Razmadze [4853]Birth of Vyacheslaw Vassilievich Stepanov [4854]Birth of Eustachy Karol Żyliński [4855]Birth of Henry George Forder [4856]Birth of Sewall Green Wright [4858]Birth of Philip Bernard Stein [4860]Birth of Giacomo Albanese [4864]Birth of Georg Feigl [4865]Birth of Jakob Nielsen [4866]Birth of Olive Clio Hazlett [4867]Birth of Joseph Jean Camille Pérès [4868]Birth of Harry Clyde Carver [4869]Birth of Ivan Ivanovich Privalov [4871]Birth of Walter Andrew Shewhart [4873]Birth of Lorna Mary Swain [4874]Birth of Jenö Elek Egerváry [4875]Birth of Louis Melville Milne-Thomson [4876]Birth of Leopold Vietoris [4877]Birth of Hans Reichenbach [4880]Birth of Otto Yulyevich Schmidt [4881]Birth of Carlo Emilio Bonferroni [4884]Birth of Dmitrii Evgenevich Menshov [4888]Birth of Arnold Walfisz [4889]Birth of Torsten Carleman [4890]Birth of Mykhailo Pilipovich Krawtchouk [4892]Birth of Gustav Doetsch [4893]Birth of Leo Félix Pollaczek [4895]Birth of Joseph Langley Burchnall [4896]Birth of Anna Margaret Mullikin [4898]Birth of Prasanta Chandra Mahalanobis [4903]Birth of Mikhail Fedorovich Subbotin [4904]Birth of Francis Dominic Murnaghan [4905]Birth of Carl Harald Cramér [4907]Birth of André Bloch [4913]Birth of Petre Sergescu [4914]Birth of Hendrik Anthony Kramers [4917]Birth of Jacov Il'ich Frenkel [4918]Birth of Cypra Cecilia Krieger Dunaij [4921]Birth of Georges Henri-Joseph-Edouard Lemaître [4927]Birth of Warren Weaver [4928]Birth of Dorothy Maud Wrinch [4930]Birth of Oskar Klein [4931]Birth of Werner Wolfgang Rogosinski [4932]Birth of Mikhail Yakovlevich Suslin [4934]Birth of Karl August Reinhardt [4938]Birth of Stefan Marian Kaczmarz [4940]Birth of Cyrus Colton MacDuffee [4945]Birth of Erich Hans Rothe [4947]Birth of Joseph Leonard Walsh [4950]Birth of Elbert Frank Cox [4953]Birth of Leopold Alexander Pars [4954]Birth of Evgeny Yakovlevich Remez [4957]Birth of Wilhelm Ackermann [4959]Birth of Robert Charles Geary [4960]Birth of Yurii Dmitrievich Sokolov [4962]Birth of Vernon Charles Morton [4964]Birth of Ivo Lah [4965]Birth of Tadeusz Wazewski [4966]Birth of Raymond Louis Wilder [4967]Birth of Gertrude Blanch [4972]Birth of Charles Fox [4976]Birth of Douglas Rayner Hartree [4978]Birth of Edwin James George Pitman [4982]Birth of Josif Zakharovich Shtokalo [4983]Birth of Myron Mathisson [4984]Birth of Hellmuth Kneser [4988]Birth of Edwin Glenn Olds [4989]Birth of Thomas Macfarland Cherry [4991]Birth of Mary Taylor Slow [4993]Birth of Erich Bessel-Hagen [4995]Birth of Béla Kerékjártó [4996]Birth of Philip Franklin [4997]Birth of Zyoiti Suetuna [4999]Birth of Vladimir Aleksandrovich Fock [5003]Birth of Maximilian Jacob Herzberger [5005]Birth of Henri Paul Mineur [5006]Birth of Otakar Boruvka [5008]Birth of Pelageia Yakovlevna Polubarinova Kochina [5009]Birth of Lois Wilfred Griffiths [5012]Birth of Salomon Bochner [5014]Birth of Hildegard Rothe-Ille [5016]Birth of Otto Martin Karl Dörge [5019]Birth of Gertrude Mary Cox [5020]Birth of Edward Foyle Collingwood [5021]Birth of Abraham Ezechiel Plessner [5023]Birth of Hendrik Douwe Kloosterman [5025]Birth of William John Youden [5026]Birth of Wilhelm Cauer [5028]Birth of Gheorghe Vrănceanu [5029]Birth of David van Dantzig [5032]Birth of László Rédei [5033]Birth of George Eugene Uhlenbeck [5035]Birth of Ugo Morin [5040]Birth of Naum Il'ich Akhiezer [5043]Birth of Kiyoshi Oka [5044]Birth of Édouard Zeckendorf [5045]Birth of Nikolai Evgrafovich Kochin [5046]Birth of Machgielis Euwe [5047]Birth of Raj Chandra Bose [5049]Birth of Steven Vajda [5052]Birth of Semyon Aranovich Gershgorin [5054]Birth of George Frederick James Temple [5055]Birth of Luigi Fantappiè [5057]Birth of Friedrich Karl Schmidt [5058]Birth of William Marvin Whyburn [5062]Birth of Nina Karlovna Bari [5063]Birth of Theodor Estermann [5066]Birth of Kenjiro Shoda [5067]Birth of Eberhard Frederich Ferdinand Hopf [5069]Birth of Wolfgang Siegfried Haack [5070]Birth of Kazimierz Zarankiewicz [5071]Birth of Edna Ernestine Kramer Lassar [5072]Birth of Frank Yates [5073]Birth of Stefan Emmanuilovich Cohn-Vossen [5074]Birth of Udo Hugo Helmuth Wegner [5075]Birth of Wallace John Eckert [5076]Birth of Hans Petersson [5077]Birth of Gheorghe Calugăreănu [5078]Birth of Stanislaw Golab [5080]Birth of Mina Spiegel Rees [5081]Birth of Hubert Stanley Wall [5086]Birth of Hans Wilhelm Eduard Schwerdtfeger [5087]Birth of Alexander Victor Oppenheim [5090]Birth of Beniamino Segre [5091]Birth of Hans Rohrbach [5094]Birth of Jan Tinbergen [5098]Birth of Isaac Jacob Schoenberg [5099]Birth of Taro Morishima [5100]Birth of Bertha Swirles Jeffreys [5103]Birth of Yves-André Rocard [5104]Birth of William Prager [5105]Birth of Wladyslaw Orlicz [5106]Birth of Thomas Arthur Alan Broadbent [5107]Birth of Dudley Ernest Littlewood [5113]Birth of Cadambathur Tiruvenkatacharlu Rajagopal [5114]Birth of Zygmunt William Birnbaum [5117]Birth of Sydney Goldstein [5120]Birth of Lancelot Stephen Bosanquet [5121]Birth of Gordon Thomas Whyburn [5123]Birth of Paul Dubreil [5125]Birth of Lyudmila Vsevolodovna Keldysh [5126]Birth of Gottfried Wilhelm Flügge [5127]Birth of Stefan E Warschawski [5129]Birth of Jurjen Ferdinand Koksma [5130]Birth of Edward James McShane [5132]Birth of Helmut Grunsky [5137]Birth of Alfred Leon Foster [5138]Birth of Jacob Levitzki [5139]Birth of Giovanni Ricci [5140]Birth of Cecil John Alvin Evelyn [5141]Birth of Hans Lewy [5144]Birth of Karl Peter Heinrich Maruhn [5147]Birth of Nikolai Grigor'evich Chudakov [5148]Birth of William Hunter McCrea [5149]Birth of Arnold Scholz [5150]Birth of Stanislaw Meiczyslaw Mazur [5151]Birth of Dattatreya Ramachandra Kaprekar [5154]Birth of Leo Zippin [5155]Birth of Ernst Carl Gerlach Stueckelberg [5156]Birth of Arne Carl-August Beurling [5157]Birth of Lucien Alexandre Charles René de Possel [5158]Birth of Tiberiu Popoviciu [5160]Birth of Rózsa Péter [5161]Birth of Eizens Leimanis [5165]Birth of Winifred Lydia Caunden Sargent [5169]Birth of Edward Hubert Linfoot [5170]Birth of Marie-Louise Dubreil-Jacotin [5171]Birth of Laurence Chisholm Young [5172]Birth of Thomas Smith Graham [5173]Birth of Marian Adam Rejewski [5174]Birth of Alexander Doniphan Wallace [5175]Birth of Wilhelm Ljunggren [5178]Birth of Sigekatu Kuroda [5180]Birth of Albert William Tucker [5181]Birth of Emanuel Sperner [5182]Birth of Gottfried Maria Hugo Köthe [5183]Birth of Grigore C Moisil [5184]Birth of Erich Kähler [5186]Birth of Richard Rado [5189]Birth of Albert Cyril Offord [5193]Birth of Bruno de Finetti [5194]Birth of William Gordon Welchman [5195]Birth of Samuel Verblunsky [5199]Birth of Gheorghe Mihoc [5204]Birth of Adolph Andrei Pavlovich Yushkevich [5205]Birth of Edwin Ford Beckenbach [5206]Birth of Robert Wertheimer Frucht [5207]Birth of Eugene Lukacs [5208]Birth of Ernst Peschl [5210]Birth of Franz Rellich [5211]Birth of Vera Nikolaevna Faddeeva [5212]Birth of Mary Celine Fasenmyer [5213]Birth of Andrei Nikolaevich Tikhonov [5215]Birth of Carl Benjamin Boyer [5216]Birth of Emma Markovna Trotskaia Lehmer [5217]Birth of Yaroslav Borisovich Lopatynsky [5219]Birth of Hans Fitting [5220]Birth of Samarendra Nath Roy [5222]Birth of Boris Yakovlevich Levin [5223]Birth of Gheorghe Pic [5227]Birth of Mark Grigorievich Krein [5229]Birth of Ilya Nestorovich Vekua [5232]Birth of Rudolf Ernst Peierls [5234]Birth of Dura Kurepa [5236]Birth of John William Mauchly [5237]Birth of Maurice George Kendall [5238]Birth of Wilhelm Otto Ludwig Specht [5239]Birth of Sarvadaman Chowla [5240]Birth of Edward Marczewski [5242]Birth of Max F Deuring [5243]Birth of Leonard Carlitz [5244]Birth of Jacob Bronowski [5245]Birth of Lev Davidovich Landau [5247]Birth of Ivor Malcolm Haddon Etherington [5248]Birth of Alexander Dinghas [5249]Birth of Guglielmo Righini [5251]Birth of Gianfranco Luigi Giuseppe Cimmino [5252]Birth of Theodore Samuel Motzkin [5253]Birth of Hans Reichardt [5254]Birth of Brian Kuttner [5255]Birth of Solomon Grigoryevich Mikhlin [5256]Birth of Morris Kline [5257]Birth of Hannes Olof Gösta Alfvén [5259]Birth of Erik Gustav Elfving [5261]Birth of Willard Van Orman Quine [5262]Birth of Hermann Ludwig Schmid [5263]Birth of Archibald James Macintyre [5264]Birth of Alfred Hoblitzelle Clifford [5265]Birth of Marceli Stark [5268]Birth of Aldo Ghizzetti [5271]Birth of Viktor Vladimirovich Vagner [5273]Birth of Herta Taussig Freitag [5274]Birth of Stephen Cole Kleene [5275]Birth of Friedrich Bachmann [5276]Birth of Max Black [5278]Birth of Béla Gyires [5279]Birth of Conel Hugh O'Donel Alexander [5281]Birth of Eduard L Stiefel [5282]Birth of Werner Romberg [5283]Birth of Karl Heinrich Weise [5284]Birth of Feodor Theilheimer [5285]Birth of William George Penney [5286]Birth of Fabio Conforto [5290]Birth of Florence Nightingale David [5292]Birth of Deane Montgomery [5293]Birth of Ottó Varga [5295]Birth of Mark Aronovich Naimark [5298]Birth of George G Lorentz [5299]Birth of Charles Pisot [5301]Birth of Sheila Scott Macintyre [5304]Birth of Ernst Max Mohr [5305]Birth of Nikolai Vladimirovich Efimov [5307]Birth of Maurice Stevenson Bartlett [5308]Birth of Konrad Zuse [5309]Birth of Lothar Collatz [5310]Birth of Paul Turán [5311]Birth of Clarisse Doris Hellman [5312]Birth of Tjalling Charles Koopmans [5313]Birth of Pao-Lu Hsu [5314]Birth of Marshall Hall Jr. [5315]Birth of Lamberto Cesari [5316]Birth of Cahit Arf [5317]Birth of Daniel Pedoe [5320]Birth of Loo-Keng Hua [5321]Birth of Floyd Burton Jones [5322]Birth of Robert Schatten [5326]Birth of Mstislav Vsevolodovich Keldysh [5327]Birth of Felix Adalbert Behrend [5329]Birth of Wolfgang Hahn [5330]Birth of Theodor Schneider [5331]Birth of Ernst Witt [5334]Birth of Shizuo Kakutani [5335]Birth of Menahem Max Schiffer [5336]Birth of Wei-Liang Chow [5337]Birth of Raphael Mitchel Robinson [5339]Birth of Abraham Markham Gelbart [5340]Birth of Emil Klaus Julius Fuchs [5341]Birth of Boris Vladimirovich Gnedenko [5342]Birth of Leonid Vitalyevich Kantorovich [5343]Birth of Kentaro Yano [5344]Birth of Andrew Paul Guinand [5346]Birth of Frank Smithies [5347]Birth of Martin Eichler [5348]Birth of Sergei Nikolaevich Chernikov [5350]Birth of David Gawen Champernowne [5353]Birth of Tadashi Nakayama [5354]Birth of Noel Bryan Slater [5355]Birth of Aleksandr Danilovic Aleksandrov [5356]Birth of Norman Levinson [5357]Birth of Carlo Miranda [5358]Birth of Kathleen Timpson Ollerenshaw [5359]Birth of Shigeo Sasaki [5360]Birth of Reuben Louis Goodstein [5361]Birth of Emil Grosswald [5362]Birth of Demetrios G Magiros [5363]Birth of Shaun Wylie [5364]Birth of Jan Geniusz Mikusinski [5367]Birth of Muriel Kennett Wales [5368]Birth of Adriaan Cornelis Zaanen [5369]Birth of Doris Mary Cannell [5371]Birth of Herman Heine Goldstine [5373]Birth of Alessandro Faedo [5376]Birth of Emma Castelnuovo [5377]Birth of Emilio Baiada [5378]Birth of Vladimir Petrovich Potapov [5379]Birth of Lev Arkad'evich Kaluznin [5380]Birth of Georgii Nikolaevich Polozii [5382]Birth of Johannes de Groot [5383]Birth of Stefan Schwarz [5384]Birth of Federico Cafiero [5386]Birth of Harry Raymond Pitt [5387]Birth of Wassily Hoeffding [5388]Birth of Edward Colin Cherry [5389]Birth of Lyman Spitzer [5390]Birth of William Wager Cooper [5391]Birth of Walter Samuel McAfee [5393]Birth of Marjorie Lee Browne [5394]Birth of Evgeny Sergeevich Lyapin [5395]Birth of R H Bing [5396]Birth of Martin Gardner [5397]Birth of Jacques Feldbau [5398]Birth of George Dantzig [5399]Birth of Edward Griffith Begle [5400]Birth of Robert Palmer Dilworth [5401]Birth of András Rapcsák [5402]Birth of José Sebastião e Silva [5403]Birth of Mollie Orshansky [5404]Birth of Herbert Ellis Robbins [5405]Birth of Richard Wesley Hamming [5408]Birth of Chuan-Chih Hsiung [5409]Birth of Evgenii Mikhailovich Lifshitz [5410]Birth of Gustave Alfred Arthur Choquet [5412]Birth of Wolfgang Doeblin [5415]Birth of Alice Turner Schafer [5417]Birth of Paul Joseph Kelly [5419]Birth of Aleksandr Yakovlevich Povzner [5420]Birth of Kenneth Ownsworth May [5421]Birth of Lee Alexander Lorch [5422]Birth of Jacob Lionel Bakst Cooper [5424]Birth of Frederick Valentine Atkinson [5425]Birth of Hans Samelson [5429]Birth of Gilbert Agnew Hunt [5430]Birth of Sheila May Edmonds [5431]Birth of Ellis Robert Kolchin [5432]Birth of Aryeh Dvoretzky [5434]Birth of Elliott Waters Montroll [5435]Birth of Abraham Seidenberg [5437]Birth of Nathan Jacob Fine [5438]Birth of Roger Apéry [5439]Birth of David Robert Bates [5440]Birth of Irving John Good [5441]Birth of Charles Frederick Mosteller [5442]Birth of Douglas Geoffrey Northcott [5443]Birth of Yurii Alekseevich Mitropolskii [5444]Birth of George Elmer Forsythe [5445]Birth of Leonard Gillman [5446]Birth of Andrzej Tadeusz Alexiewicz [5448]Birth of István Fenyö [5449]Birth of Beno Eckmann [5451]Birth of Nathan Saul Mendelsohn [5452]Birth of William Thomas Tutte [5453]Birth of Edward Norton Lorenz [5454]Birth of Joan Clarke [5457]Birth of Mikhail Samuilovich Livsic [5458]Birth of Nikolai Sergeevitch Krylov [5459]Birth of Tosio Kato [5460]Birth of Phyllis Nicolson [5461]Birth of Leonard Jimmie Savage [5462]Birth of Elizabeth Leonard Scott [5463]Birth of Sergei Vasilovich Fomin [5464]Birth of Roger Conant Lyndon [5465]Birth of Sheila Christina Power Tinney [5467]Birth of Ivan Vidav [5468]Birth of Heinz Rutishauser [5469]Birth of Jacqueline Ferrand [5471]Birth of Geoffrey Thomas Kneebone [5472]Birth of Wanda Montlak Szmielew [5473]Birth of Hsien Chung Wang [5474]Birth of Tibor Szele [5477]Birth of Yudell Leo Luke [5478]Birth of Nicolaas Govert de Bruijn [5479]Birth of John William Jamieson Herivel [5480]Birth of Irving Ezra Segal [5481]Birth of David Gilbarg [5482]Birth of Leslie Fox [5483]Birth of Abraham Robinson [5484]Birth of Mario Fiorentini [5485]Birth of Naum Il'ich Feldman [5486]Birth of Clifford Ambrose Truesdell III [5488]Birth of Alexander Andreevich Samarskii [5489]Birth of Aleksei Vasilevich Pogorelov [5490]Birth of John Presper Eckert [5491]Birth of David Harold Blackwell [5492]Birth of Wen-Tsun Wu [5493]Birth of Georgii Dmitrievic Suvorov [5494]Birth of Raymond Merrill Smullyan [5495]Birth of Erwin Nick Hiebert [5496]Birth of Johan Jacob Seidel [5497]Birth of Vladimir Abramovich Rokhlin [5498]Birth of James Hardy Wilkinson [5499]Birth of William Henry Kruskal [5500]Birth of Magnus Joseph Wenninger [5502]Birth of Leopold Schmetterer [5504]Birth of Paulette Libermann [5505]Birth of Ernst Paul Specker [5509]Birth of K C Sreedharan Pillai [5510]Birth of George Keith Batchelor [5511]Birth of John Michael Hammersley [5512]Birth of Frank Featherstone Bonsall [5513]Birth of Mark Aleksandrovich Krasnosel'skii [5514]Birth of Wolfgang Gaschütz [5515]Birth of Nicolaas Hendrik Kuiper [5516]Birth of Herbert Federer [5517]Birth of Anne Philippa Cobbe [5518]Birth of Richard Ernest Bellman [5519]Birth of Calyampudi Radhakrishna Rao [5520]Birth of Alberto Pedro Calderón [5521]Birth of Marcel Paul Schützenberger [5522]Birth of Georges Henri Reeb [5524]Birth of Kollagunta Gopalaiyer Ramanathan [5525]Birth of Vera Nikolaevna Kublanovskaya [5526]Birth of Basil Cameron Rennie [5528]Birth of Jean-Louis Koszul [5529]Birth of Yozo Matsushima [5530]Birth of Kathleen Rita McNulty Mauchly Antonelli [5531]Birth of Frank Harary [5532]Birth of Horst Tietz [5533]Birth of Alfréd Rényi [5534]Birth of Martin Hugo Löb [5535]Birth of Leo Moser [5536]Birth of Iacopo Barsotti [5537]Birth of Walter Rudin [5538]Birth of Bent Christiansen [5539]Birth of Ferenc Radó [5540]Birth of Andrew Ronald Mitchell [5541]Birth of Jonas Kubilius [5542]Birth of Edwin Henry Spanier [5543]Birth of Shimshon Avraham Amitsur [5544]Birth of Pierre Samuel [5545]Birth of Henri Georges Garnir [5546]Birth of Andrew Mattei Gleason [5548]Birth of David Gale [5549]Birth of Edith Hirsch Luchins [5550]Birth of Jan Kalicki [5551]Birth of Gaetano Fichera [5552]Birth of Anneli Cahn Lax [5553]Birth of Ernst Gabor Straus [5554]Birth of Olga Alexandrovna Ladyzhenskaya [5555]Birth of Lazar Matveevich Gluskin [5556]Birth of Guido Stampacchia [5557]Birth of Vladimir Aleksandrovich Marchenko [5558]Birth of John William Scott Cassels [5559]Birth of Jack Warga [5560]Birth of Imre Lakatos [5561]Birth of Ambrosius Paul Speiser [5562]Birth of Leslie Colin Woods [5563]Birth of Rimhak Ree [5564]Birth of Daniel Gorenstein [5565]Birth of Vasilii Sergeevich Vladimirov [5566]Birth of Israel Nathan Herstein [5567]Birth of Enrico Magenes [5569]Birth of Aleksei Alekseevich Dezin [5570]Birth of Fritz Joseph Ursell [5571]Birth of Cathleen Synge Morawetz [5572]Birth of Dionisio Gallarati [5573]Birth of Armand Borel [5574]Birth of Gloria Olive [5576]Birth of Alexander Murray Macbeath [5577]Birth of Herman Chernoff [5578]Birth of Kuo Tsai Chen [5579]Birth of Christine Mary Hamill [5580]Birth of Thomas Muirhead Flett [5581]Birth of Joseph Bishop Keller [5582]Birth of Hidehiko Yamabe [5583]Birth of Jacob Willem Cohen [5584]Birth of Peter K Henrici [5586]Birth of Georg Kreisel [5587]Birth of Harish-Chandra [5589]Birth of Jesse Ernest Wilkins Jr. [5590]Birth of Mikhail Iosiphovich Kadets [5591]Birth of Freeman John Dyson [5592]Birth of Yvonne Suzanne Marie-Louise Choquet-Bruhat [5593]Birth of Jacques Dixmier [5594]Birth of Paul Moritz Cohn [5595]Birth of Linards Eduardovich Reizins [5596]Birth of Jack Carl Kiefer [5598]Birth of Wilhelm Paul Albert Klingenberg [5599]Birth of Ottó Steinfeld [5601]Birth of Aldo Andreotti [5602]Birth of Evelyn Boyd Granville [5603]Birth of Isadore Manuel Singer [5604]Birth of Eugene Borisovich Dynkin [5605]Birth of Samuel Karlin [5606]Birth of Elena Moldovan Popoviciu [5607]Birth of Nikolai Nikolaevich Krasovskii [5608]Birth of Lucien Marie Le Cam [5609]Birth of Mary Ellen Rudin [5612]Birth of Betty Jean Jennings Bartik [5613]Birth of Shanti Swarup Gupta [5614]Birth of Germund Dahlquist [5615]Birth of Louis Nirenberg [5617]Birth of Gordon Bamford Preston [5619]Birth of Olli Erkki Lehto [5620]Birth of Olga Arsen'evna Oleinik [5621]Birth of Giovanni Prodi [5622]Birth of Keith Stewartson [5623]Birth of Martin David Kruskal [5624]Birth of Renfrey Burnard Potts [5625]Birth of Hans-Jürgen Hoehnke [5626]Birth of Nathan Joseph Harry Divinsky [5627]Birth of John Anthony Pople [5629]Birth of David Allan Spence [5630]Birth of Walter Kurt Hayman [5631]Birth of Jaroslav Hájek [5632]Birth of Tonny Albert Springer [5633]Birth of Henry Abel Dye [5634]Birth of Ivo Milan Babuska [5636]Birth of Miroslav Fiedler [5637]Birth of John Kemeny [5639]Birth of Claude Jacques Roger Berge [5640]Birth of John Cedric Shepherdson [5641]Birth of Calogero Vinti [5642]Birth of Maurice Auslander [5644]Birth of Carol Ruth Karp [5645]Birth of Kristen Nygaard [5646]Birth of Hans-Joachim Bremermann [5647]Birth of Colin Brian Haselgrove [5649]Birth of Michio Suzuki [5650]Birth of James Eells [5651]Birth of James Gourlay Clunie [5652]Birth of James Burton Serrin [5653]Birth of Sydney Rex Tims [5654]Birth of Gyula Iulius Maurer [5655]Birth of Masayoshi Nagata [5656]Birth of Dimitrie D Stancu [5657]Birth of Joan Sylvia Lyttle Birman [5660]Birth of Frank Levin [5661]Birth of James Peter Hymers Mackay [5662]Birth of Felix Earl Browder [5663]Birth of Heinrich-Wolfgang Leopoldt [5664]Birth of William Oscar Jules Moser [5665]Birth of Brian Griffiths [5666]Birth of Friedrich Josef Maria Horn [5667]Birth of Hans Wussing [5668]Birth of Alexander Ivanovich Skopin [5670]Birth of Mikhail Mikhailovich Postnikov [5671]Birth of John Leslie Britton [5673]Birth of Carlos Benjamin de Lyra [5674]Birth of Joseph Bernard Kruskal, Jr. [5675]Birth of Heinz Bauer [5676]Birth of Ennio De Giorgi [5677]Birth of Norman Arthur Routledge [5678]Birth of Martin David Davis [5679]Birth of Paulo Ribenboim [5680]Birth of Paul Leo Butzer [5683]Birth of Mikio Sato [5684]Birth of John Forbes Nash [5687]Birth of Iain Thomas Arthur Carpenter Adamson [5688]Birth of Andrew Gordon Speedie Pask [5689]Birth of Jürgen Kurt Moser [5690]Birth of Bernard Malgrange [5691]Birth of Louis Auslander [5692]Birth of Errett Albert Bishop [5693]Birth of John Stewart Bell [5694]Birth of Israel Gohberg [5695]Birth of Richard Steven Varga [5696]Birth of Volodymyr Petryshyn [5697]Birth of Aleksei Ivanovich Kostrikin [5698]Birth of Madan Lal Puri [5699]Birth of Ilya Iosifovich Piatetski-Shapiro [5700]Birth of François Georges René Bruhat [5701]Birth of Thomas Brooke Benjamin [5702]Birth of Walter Douglas Munn [5704]Birth of Patrick Brendan Kennedy [5705]Birth of Anthony James Merrill Spencer [5706]Birth of Elemér Kiss [5707]Birth of Yurii Vasilevich Prokhorov [5708]Birth of John Bryce McLeod [5709]Birth of Jacob T Schwartz [5710]Birth of Kazimierz Urbanik [5711]Birth of Norman Larrabee Alling [5712]Birth of Hans Grauert [5713]Birth of Goro Shimura [5714]Birth of Anatolii Asirovich Goldberg [5715]Birth of Yuan Wang [5716]Birth of Edsger Wybe Dijkstra [5717]Birth of Rudolf Emil Kalman [5718]Birth of Keith William Morton [5719]Birth of Gregory Maxwell Kelly [5720]Birth of Satoshi Suzuki [5721]Birth of Shreeram Shankar Abhyankar [5723]Birth of David James Foulis [5724]Birth of Jacques Tits [5725]Birth of Anatolii Volodymyrovych Skorokhod [5726]Birth of Reinhard Selten [5727]Birth of John Charlton Polkinghorne [5728]Birth of Bruce Kellogg [5731]Birth of Sergei Ivanovich Adian [5732]Birth of James Dickson Murray [5733]Birth of Elias Menachem Stein [5734]Birth of Igor Stefan Kluvánek [5736]Birth of Vera Pless [5738]Birth of Heisuke Hironaka [5739]Birth of Robert Charles Thompson [5740]Birth of Stanislaw Knapowski [5741]Birth of Czeslaw Olech [5742]Birth of Herbert Saul Wilf [5743]Birth of Valentina Mikhailovna Borok [5744]Birth of Alan Mercer [5746]Birth of Eléna Wexler-Kreindler [5747]Birth of Vivienne Malone-Mayes [5748]Birth of Siobhan O'Shea Vernon [5749]Birth of Gene Howard Golub [5750]Birth of Gian-Carlo Rota [5752]Birth of Taira Honda [5753]Birth of Pierre Emile Jean Cartier [5754]Birth of Mary Wynne Warner [5755]Birth of Derek Thomas Whiteside [5756]Birth of Marian Țarină [5757]Birth of Louis de Branges de Bourcia [5758]Birth of Jacobus Hendricus van Lint [5759]Birth of Donald Moiseyevitch Solitar [5760]Birth of Hyman Bass [5761]Birth of Crispin St John Alvah Nash-Williams [5764]Birth of John Robert Ringrose [5765]Birth of Lochlainn O'Raifeartaigh [5766]Birth of Richard Askey [5767]Birth of Moshe (Ehezkel) Carmeli [5768]Birth of Frederick Justin Almgren [5769]Birth of Mikhail Moiseevich Lesokhin [5770]Birth of Gary Roach [5771]Birth of Etta Zuber Falconer [5772]Birth of William Browder [5773]Birth of Iossif Vladimirovich Ostrovskii [5775]Birth of James Wiegold [5776]Birth of Roy Patrick Kerr [5777]Birth of Michael Artin [5778]Birth of William Parry [5779]Birth of Donald Samuel Ornstein [5780]Birth of Paul-André Meyer [5781]Birth of Bhama Srinivasan [5782]Birth of Louise Schmir Hay [5783]Birth of John Robert Stallings [5784]Birth of John A Hildebrant [5785]Birth of Yakov Grigorevich Sinai [5786]Birth of Hillel Furstenberg [5787]Birth of Hitoshi Kumano-Go [5788]Birth of Marek Kuczma [5789]Birth of Pavel Tichy [5791]Birth of Richard Herbert Schelp [5792]Birth of Volker Strassen [5793]Birth of Alexandre Aleksandrovich Kirillov [5794]Birth of John Mackintosh Howie [5795]Birth of Judita Cofman [5796]Birth of Graham Robert Allan [5797]Birth of László György Kovács [5798]Birth of Dmitrii Viktorovich Anosov [5800]Birth of Oleksandr Mikolaiovich Sharkovsky [5801]Birth of Charles Terence Clegg Wall [5802]Birth of Peter Ladislaw Hammer [5803]Birth of Evgenii Yakovlevich Khruslov [5804]Birth of Yuri Ivanovich Manin [5805]Birth of Ronald Vernon Book [5806]Birth of David Herbert Fowler [5807]Birth of Horace Yomishi Mochizuki [5808]Birth of David Ryan Hayes [5811]Birth of Leonid Andreevich Pastur [5812]Birth of Moshé Flato [5813]Birth of Johannes Boersma [5814]Birth of Barry Charles Mazur [5815]Birth of Vladimir Gilelevich Maz'ya [5817]Birth of Chidambaram Padmanabhan Ramanujam [5819]Birth of Fischer Black [5821]Birth of Robion Cromwell Kirby [5822]Birth of Donald Earle Carlson [5823]Birth of Sergei Petrovich Novikov [5824]Birth of Detlef Gromoll [5825]Birth of Hideo Tanaka [5826]Birth of Phillip Augustus Griffiths [5827]Birth of George W Eyre Andrews [5828]Birth of Richard Alfred Tapia [5829]Birth of Mary Lee Wheat Gray [5830]Birth of Herbert Pahlings [5831]Birth of Carlo Cercignani [5833]Birth of Alan Baker [5834]Birth of John Frank Charles Kingman [5835]Birth of Sathamangalam Ranga Iyengar Srinivasa Varadhan [5836]Birth of Franciszek Hugon Szafraniec [5837]Birth of Linda Goldway Keen [5839]Birth of Endre Szemerédi [5840]Birth of Enrico Bombieri [5841]Birth of Dennis Parnell Sullivan [5842]Birth of Derek Arthur Waller [5843]Birth of Domokos Szász [5844]Birth of Richard Alan Day [5845]Birth of László Filep [5846]Birth of Alexandru Ioan Lupas [5847]Birth of Gavin Brown [5849]Birth of Thierry Émilien Flavien Aubin [5850]Birth of Stephen James Rallis [5851]Birth of Neil Sidney Trudinger [5852]Birth of Vitaly Vitalievich Fedorchuk [5854]Birth of David George Crighton [5855]Birth of Lenore Blum [5856]Birth of Steven Alan Orszag [5857]Birth of Béla Bollobás [5858]Birth of Evelyn Merle Roden Nelson [5859]Birth of Mikhael Leonidovich Gromov [5860]Birth of Avraham Naumovich Trahtman [5861]Birth of Margaret Hilary Ashworth Millington [5862]Birth of Krystyna Maria Trybulec Kuperberg [5863]Birth of Mitchell Jay Feigenbaum [5865]Birth of John Henry Coates [5866]Birth of Persi Warren Diaconis [5867]Birth of Vijay Kumar Patodi [5868]Birth of Saharon Shelah [5869]Birth of Leon Melvyn Simon [5870]Birth of Wilbur Richard Knorr [5871]Birth of Margaret Dusa Waddington McDuff [5872]Birth of Leonard Adleman [5873]Birth of Jean-Louis Loday [5874]Birth of Gregori Aleksandrovic Margulis [5875]Birth of Paul Charles William Davies [5876]Birth of George Lusztig [5877]Birth of Nigel John Kalton [5878]Birth of András P Huhn [5880]Birth of Yuri Vladimirovich Matiyasevich [5882]Birth of Uriel George Rothblum [5883]Birth of Alain Connes [5884]Birth of David Eisenbud [5885]Birth of Ovide Arino [5886]Birth of László Lovász [5887]Birth of Sun-Yung Alice Chang [5888]Birth of Chandra Mohan Rao Kintala [5889]Birth of Cheryl Elisabeth Praeger [5890]Birth of Philippe Flajolet [5892]Birth of Fritz Alfred Joachim Grunewald [5893]Birth of Leslie Gabriel Valiant [5894]Birth of Daniel Jay Rudolph [5897]Birth of Fan Rong K Chung Graham [5898]Birth of Andrei Andreevich Bolibrukh [5899]Birth of Viktor Aleksandrovich Gorbunov [5900]Birth of Richard Melvin Schoen [5901]Birth of David S Broomhead [5902]Birth of Jean Georges Gilles Pisier [5903]Birth of Stein Arild Stromme [5905]Birth of Emilio Cafaro [5908]Birth of Robert Wayne Thomason [5909]Birth of Zoltán Tibor Balogh [5911]Birth of Vladimir Gershonovich Drinfeld [5912]Birth of Jean Bourgain [5913]Birth of Pavel Krejčí [5914]Birth of Ingrid Daubechies [5916]Birth of Bernadette Perrin-Riou [5917]Birth of Efim Isaakovich Zelmanov [5918]Birth of Pierre-Louis Lions [5919]Birth of Andreas Floer [5920]Birth of Jean-Christophe Yoccoz [5921]Birth of Curtis Tracy McMullen [5923]Birth of Abigail A Thompson [5924]Birth of Akos Seress [5925]Birth of Lene Vestergaard Hau [5926]Birth of Richard Ewen Borcherds [5927]Birth of Juha Heinonen [5928]Birth of Oded Schramm [5929]Birth of Rajeev Motwani [5930]Birth of Sijue Wu [5932]Birth of Maxim Lvovich Kontsevich [5933]Birth of Karen Ellen Smith [5934]Birth of Vladimir Aleksandrovich Voevodsky [5935]Birth of Laurent Lafforgue [5937]Birth of Wendelin Werner [5938]Birth of David Cariolaro [5939]Birth of Jacobus Golius [6030]Birth of Charles Hayes [6062]Birth of John Colson [6063]Birth of John Hellins [6076]Birth of C V Mourey [6081]Birth of John James Waterston [6086]Birth of Matthew O'Brien [6087]Birth of Ramchundra [6088]Birth of Robert Hjalmar Mellin [6091]Birth of Alexander Pell [6092]Birth of Samuel Beatty [6104]Birth of Frantisek Wolf [6111]Birth of Eizens Arins [6113]Birth of Emanuels Grinbergs [6114]Birth of Argelia Velez-Rodriguez [6116]Birth of Marina Ratner [6117]Birth of Bella Abramovna Subbotovskaya [6118]Birth of Peter Stefan [6119]Birth of Lai-Sang Young [6120]

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